In October 2013 I started running fur upcycling project. FW2013 was my first collection, however that time I didn't quite know how to sew furs, so I was managing the whole project, buying vintage furs and designing the products, however all of them that time were sewn by my dressmaker. That time I also had slightly different idea for the upcycling project itself. I was giving the new life to vintage fur coats but mainly through reclaiming, resizing and upgrading the vintage pieces, but in "easier" way, not the way I'm doing it now. Everything that happened after 2013 has been getting more and more of me. In FW16 basically the whole process is different. Now (2016) I not only deconstruct vintage fur coats completely, but also I'm doing patchworks out of million pieces that have left after my previous designs. And now I'm doing all that personally but that knowledge and practice came with these 4 years of experience with fur garments design and production. 
Following designs I launched in October and December 2013 + extra pieces in February 2014. However I put them all in FW2013 box.

Photographer: Michał Augustowski // Models: Karolina Jakubowska, Dominika Marszalik, Klaudia Dudek, Aleksander Sikora //Stylist: Ellie Lazarczyk
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