My name is Marta Horovitz, Born in 1989 in Krakow,  Poland - here I've been running my fur upcycling project since 2013.
I graduated with masters in International Business, then I did internships in dressmaker and furrier studios, I made also garment construction course as well as I was studying one semester pattern making and garment construction (but I quit).

Meantime I bought fur machine from the guy who ued to be a furrier in 90s, then he switched the career into chimney sweep and with a bit of a sentiment and "tears" he sold the machine to me because as he told me "he saw passion for fur design".

This year I've been honoured to be selected as a participant in Fur Summer School 2017 in August in Kastoria, Greece. I've been also officially supported by Polish Fur Federation especially since I'm the first representative from Poland in Fur Summer School organized by International Fur Federation.

Follow me on instagram where you can get to know me better - I post pictures related to fashion, art, interior design, but also you can check my "private life" issues such as travels, cooking and so on. Besides I make instastory snaps sometimes in the studio where I work on fur collections and bespoke things. You can also learn and see live how I sew, cut and provide you with information regarding fur design and sewing techniques - that I so far know and so far use - It's been 4 years since I show my interest in fur design but there is still so much to learn to become professional Furrier!

Follow me or just check what's up at:


All of the products I personally design and handmade. I'm a one person "business" so I do everything that is needed to be done - all the designs and patterns. Besides I purchase vintage fur coats, then deconstruct them,  often patchwork them in a way to create a flat fabric that would be possibly cut into the lines and pattern elements, and hand-finish. Recently I also take pictures and style the pieces from my collections as well as bespoke garments.
I created this project due to my passion for fashion design as well as desire for creative and unique products, but also because of my eco-friendly and pro recycling approach towards fashion and many other aspects in life. Responsibly sourced fur and vintage fur is I believe the most eco-friendly fabric in the planet, sustainable, long lasting, but quickly biodegradable (especially comparing to faux fur).
In 2017 after 3 years of sewing and performing fur art "combinations" in my room, I finally have a studio where I do all my designs! I sell at etsy - https://www.etsy.com/shop/furupcycling and in my online store www.horovitzonline.com
I believe upcycling is a good and ethical way of handling it and it can also make some people over-think their decisions towards new but low quality and often cruel fur production, but also very low quality fake fur coats that are basically a trash polluting the earth. It's also an option for these ladies who don't want to invest thousands of dollars for luxury designers coats and would still wish to have a warm, cozy fur jacket for winter days.
Fur and shearling recycling is not only sustainable, eco-friendly and innovative but also reduces waste in fashion industry! These fabrics while well treated seriously can survive many manyyy decades! The ones I repurpose, guessing from their designs, are usually from late 80s and 90s.
Everything here is recycled. Everything is handmade by me. Everything is in one piece & very unique. There is only one chance to buy it. Usually I don't duplicate the designs, but I make also bespoke garments, however please remember I'm pretty much limited when it comes to fur kinds and colors and textures. I mainly buy furs in second hands or from individuals that no longer use their furcoats.
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