It is a very classic coat, with short hair rabbit fur.  With this kind of fur we dont have to be afraid of the volume! It is also easy to wear matching many outfits. 
The line of this furcoat is kind of typical for my style, for my work and for many of the bespoke recycled furcoats I made so far for clients. I often use crewneck coat pattern and paneled lines of different fur textures, since I believe it makes a coat fresh, modern, and light. I really dislike huge oversize long hair fur coats that make women look too big and too oldschool (but not good oldschool haha cuz we all love vintage fashion, dont we?!) 
When you cannot have colorful modern and trendy shades of fur (due to the recycling concept and lacking of these colors in the everday / popular - back in the days/ vintage furcoats!) or you just love black all black everything (not me but many women out there do believe in black :D) go for simple black furcoat and it will match everything!
The photos were taken by me and im still learning how to handle Hugo´s camera so they might not be the best, thankfully tho, Elena was a great model, photogenic and easy going! 
Inspired by Elena´s work I tried to upgrade photos with some colorful brush lines!
March 2018
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