Another of my most recent work = I made two full mink fur lined parkas crafted from one huge long vintage mink coat. It´s been quite a challange to develop construction and then cut from deconstructed furcoat two fur linings to match green and blue parka coats. 
Green one is full mink, navy blue parka has mink everywhere besides the back part where I put virgin wool with cashmere,.Same material is on the sleeves too. 
It is so much easier cutting from new fabrics... (I mean... when skins are flat and ready to cut, you dont have to dismantle the coat and all the threads, you dont have to patchwork and panel all the parts to make a new pattern... all those extra stuff) but hell yeah #recycling for life #recycled fur! #zerowastelife #zerowastefashiondesign!
Mink is in so perfect condition unbelievable almost like new (and it looks like 30years back design) but it was kept by russian client in the fur storage thats why! Also it only shows durability of this material, and how #loveclotheslast  
It was veryyyy time consuming work but finally between my other work and studies i managed to finish them in my little #furlab.
September 2018
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